KIDS reports

Welcome to the gateway page for information about Oregon’s KIDS project. You may download the resources below by clicking on the title. The initiative also has its own web page. — KIDS

Findings from the field

The field research phase of the Oregon DATA Project consisted of 15 meetings in eight locations across the states. More than 180 people, from principals to teachers to IT experts to classified staff,

Evaluation report

The work of the Oregon Direct Access to Achievement Project was evaluated by an outside contractor, who completed the process in Spring 2011. The executive summary and the final evaluation report are

Communications brief

The “Best Practices Brief for Stakeholder Communications” is a publication available from the U.S. Department of Education that offers communication tips for states as they plan, develop

Progress reviews

Progress reviews for the Oregon DATA Project are posted monthly. Download the most recent report here: June 2011 Progress Review. An archive of reviews is available below. Attachment Size Feb08