Related websites

For data-related initiatives in Oregon, visit:

• The Oregon Department of Education
• Oregon EESC
• KIDS Project

For information on the federal longitudinal grant program, visit:

• The Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems Grant Program

For information on other grant-winning states, visit:

• Grantee States

Other sites of interest:

• The Data Quality Campaign

The DQC is a national, collaborative effort to improve the availability and use of high-quality education data to improve student achievement.

• The Kansas Assessment Literacy Program

The KSDE Assessment Literacy Project includes 21 different modules designed to enhance the assessment literacy of educators in an online, interactive format that can be used individually or in groups. Module topics range from AYP and Assessments to Validity.
• Ohio Department of Education Practice Test
The Ohio Graduation Tests are required for students to demonstrate proficiency in various subjects before graduating from high school. Practice tests are available online for both students and teachers.

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