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Welcome to the gateway page for the on-demand professional development offered by the Oregon DATA Project. Resources for the Technical-track training offered to data oversight teams are available on the following pages.

You may also obtain a disk containing all of the technical training material by emailing your request HERE. Please include your name, affiliation (ESD, district or school) and mailing address.

Data Quality, by Chance or Design?
It is not a question if a district will collect, share, and use data, it is only a question of how much data is required. Today, everyone is demanding data for district accountability, state and federal funding, as evidence of student achievement, for compliance with grant expectations, and much more. Data quality (data that is accurate, timely, useful, and secure) is mandatory and the impact of poor data quality can be severe. The Oregon DATA Project provides an adaptable framework that facilitates a district’s purposeful actions to ensure data quality. Identifying personal responsibilities for data quality––from the superintendent to building principals to individual staff members––can help build a culture of data quality. In such a culture, quality data is achieved by design not by chance. This presentation provides a sampling of such responsibilities and an overview of the framework for creating a culture of data quality.

—>Download the presentation HERE. (PPT 2.9MB)

Other materials

—>Resources for Component 1, “The Need for Data Quality,” are available HERE.
—>Resources for Component 2, “Building a Culture of Data Quality,” are available HERE.
—>Resources for Component 3, “A Culture of Data Quality in Action,” is available HERE.
—>Information on video resources is available HERE.

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